Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Borders: a section just for teens

It seems that Borders is extending its YA sections in most stores. Though I don't totally agree with the branding (a place to showcase *more* things Twilight?), I appreciate the general idea. I have so much respect for quality YA novels - many of which are more thoughtful and creative than adult books - and think it's great that they're getting more attention.

Borders Ink

When I started reading YA books, the teen shelf of my local library was shoved into a corner of the adult fiction section. The librarians knew that teenagers wouldn't want to be seen in the children's room, among the picture books and art projects, but realized this wasn't a great solution, either. There was no way to showcase the books, and no person other than the general reference librarian to offer suggestions to browsers.

Over the next few years, the staff was able to secure a much more inviting space for YA. Low shelves were set up, and several great choices were pulled out and propped up top. The children's librarian created a teen book club (TBC, if you thought you were cool), inviting discussion about different issues in these books.

Libraries have gotten the idea with separating YA, but bookstores still have a ways to go. Borders is making a good move, I think.

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