Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter: respecting the fans

It's been so long! I just completed the second CPC workshop, which took over my life for a bit. I was the Executive Editor of a fictional technology website for teens called Wirefly. Favorite article idea: "How to Erase Your Ex: Why detag when you can Photoshop?"

In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. However (though this situation should never occur), I can't imagine how people could understand the plot and characters without having read the book. I suppose they're banking on the idea that everyone is familiar with the story by this point.

Though I'm more impressed with the adult actors in the movie (Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman... so good), there's something to be said about the professionalism of the three kids. None of them has done anything off set that would mar the Harry Potter experience, even though I'm sure they've had the means to. They take their jobs seriously, and don't complain about the papparazzi and extremely enthusiastic fans, like certain stars of certain other huge book adaptations tend to do.

I just love this article. A little girl with the Scholastic News got the opportunity to interview Daniel Radcliffe, and he went out of his way to talk to her...


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