Friday, July 3, 2009

Our book covers!

Our designers did such an awesome job with the book covers, whether they were approximating images that would theoretically be drawn by our chosen illustrators or starting fresh with graphic design.

(Believe me, I've gotten sick of all this "approximating" and "theoretical" and "fake" and "would-be" language, too, but we've needed to use it when contacting people all week. Apparently, the program ran into a little trouble once when an author or agent thought a project was real, and turned down something else.)

I haven't had a chance to scan them in, but these are photos from our book jacket art gallery. All covers are property of Andi Paul and Alex Myerson, as well as the people from whom they borrowed graphics and art.

**These pictures were created for an educational exercise, not for any commercial purpose. While we made a valiant effort to contact everyone, we needed to use a few names and graphics from people we weren't able to get in touch with inside one week. While this project was as realistic as possible, we had to take a few liberties because the real-world timetable and budget for an illustrated book wouldn't have worked in our context. All author/illustrator combinations were invented by my group and do not symbolize real book deals.**

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